Rogozin suggested on Angara A5 launch KAMAZ

the General Director of “Rosatom” Dmitry Rogozin on Twitter suggested on heavy rocket “Angara-A5”, which until the end of April specialists of the Moscow Khrunichev Centre should be handed over to the military for launch from Plesetsk, launch truck.

“KAMAZ send for Tesla,” joked the Manager.

in This way the official answered the question of the user payload that receive “Angara-A5”.

Joke of the head of state Corporation has met mixed reactions from the users.

“of course, I understand that this is a personal Twitter of Dmitry Olegovich, and let he jokes as he wants, but why not respond on the matter?” noted one user.

Other users have noted that the capacity and the diameter of the head fairing “Angara-A5” is not allowed to use this rocket for launching such a bulky cargo.

“And compete in idiocy — is it necessary?” reads one of the comments.

In February 2018, SpaceX conducted the first launch of their super-heavy the Falcon Heavy with the Tesla Roadster in the head part. In the same month, Igor Burenkov, who was then the Executive Director of the Roscosmos communications called the start of a good trick and a promotion to investors.

part of the Corporation, the Khrunichev Centre on the development of disposable rockets of family “Angara” for more than a quarter of a century spent more than three billion dollars, although at the same time carriers of this family (in the light and heavy variants) flew only twice. Currently Khrunichev Center is the most unprofitable enterprise of the Corporation, the debts of which exceed 80 billion rubles, and Rogozin urges Russian space industry to find a use for the “Angara”, which has repeatedly called pointless.

the Payload of the Falcon Heavy is almost three times higher than the “Angara-A5”. Unlike disposable Russian missiles, American media is partially reusable. In addition, the cost of the launch, the Falcon Heavy starts with $ 90 million, while the price of the launch of “Angara-A5” is estimated at $ 100 million.