The demolition of monuments to slave-owners in the West — is attempting to rewrite history. Thus commented on the situation with the protests, the head of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate Metropolitan Hilarion in the program “Church and world” on TV channel “Russia 24”, reports “Interfax”.

By “rewriting history” Metropolitan means the attempt to shift to modern liberal principles on historical events. “We certainly don’t have to endure the current standards on the past. People in the past lived by different rules, they are differently expressed, they are differently operated,” said Hilarion. He stressed that figures of history should be respected, on the basis of those standards that existed in their time.

Monuments to slave owners in some parts of the world defiled, and demolished the protesters. In addition, the U.S. Congress is thinking about removing Confederate statues that are on display in the Capitol. Democrats led by speaker Nancy Pelosi want to return them to the States which they represent, or send to museums.

Dozens of U.S. cities covered protests accompanied by riots. They began after the death in Minneapolis of a black guard to George Floyd, who died after a rough arrest. Protests against police brutality held in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, new York, Indianapolis, Boston, Detroit and many other cities. The protesters, including desecrate and demolish monuments to slaveholders.