Trying to talk to Robert, to know about him, the motives for his act, his involvement in the volunteer movement… He, despite all of my professional “moves”, nor in what to say flatly refused. “What’s the big deal – he insisted – an ordinary, everyday thing”.

And when already all my fuse began to fizzle out, relaxed and rustic thoughtful said to me:

– Yes, don’t get me wrong, everything I do, do not to show how good or something like that. I do this so people can have a better life. Since volunteering is not only voluntary, but, remember, selfless, without any pathos and loud statements. I’m not one do we are many.

Robert Triple – one of participants of the action #Myvote for the elderly, large families and doctors. It brought together local organizations and businesses, and ordinary caring people. They added me a portrait of Robert.

He, in their opinion, has a huge modesty. I’m originally from a small village Mane koygorodskogo district. Ibid graduated from high school. Was a member of the Russian movement of students. Along with classmates helped rural veterans. By the way, Koygorodok is small, it is home to about three thousand people. Almost everyone knows each other, any falsehood in words and deeds can not hide. And when Robert joined the faculty of agriculture and forestry Syktyvkar forest Institute, was just about ready to join the volunteer movement of the University. “Robert is very responsible and reliable. It can rely on,” – say his friends.

as for the potatoes, which Robert Triple handed out to pensioners, it’s a different story. He brought from his native village of Mane, where the parents live. As a family, they were growing the tubers in the garden. In the village without this in any way. And always on the long Northern winter they kept a decent margin. Its share Robert brought in Syktyvkar. Helping during a pandemic to single pensioners, have noticed how hard they live. So I decided to package potatoes in bags and spread them elderly.

– we Have a volunteer student center of the Institute more than 90 people. A lot of guys working in their municipal areas, as left at the place of residence for the period of distance learning. Those who remained here, engaged in Syktyvkar, – says Anastasia shirochenko.

Robert And the Triple not the only one. Is Arthur Fedotenkov, which delivers products, and Ilya Popov, undertake any business, there are girls working in the call center. Peter Shuklin for your money purchased 20 bags of groceries to low-income pensioners. And indeed Anastasia is notifying residents, find out their addresses and clarifies the application.

the Main joy for volunteers – thanks pensioners, some of whom do not hide tears. A disabled person Agniya Yurkin received a package with products, said, now I’m sure that the good returns. In the time of my youth it also helped the veterans.

Only in the Republic of Komi volunteers from various organizations gathered more than 700 free food packages for the needy elderly. Assistance received in villages and towns.