duets five of the six tracks of the disk. Record “Pause” (so-called time isolation himself Ricky Martin, and on the cover he poses with his back to the photographer) helped the artist and other colleagues: Mexican singer Carla Morrison, the Puerto Rican musician Pedro Capo, a Spanish flamenco artist, Diego El cigala and group Residente and Bad Bunny.

the result was a slow, soulful and reconciling with the circumstances of life drive. Although the Ricky Martin originally planned to write a completely different: cheerful and dance. With the other songs and the name of the Movimiento, which translated from Spanish means “Movement”.

But then looked around and changed his mind.

he Himself Ricky Martin explained it this way:

– I love parties, but now is not the time for this. Had to change the concept, and I created two different albums. Pausa is more calm and relaxed, and in September I hope we will release next is called a Play, and with a more positive music.