Director General services like Laundry and dry cleaning Deyan Dimitrov (Deyan Dimitrov) has revealed common mistakes when washing sports and beachwear. It is quoted by the Mirror newspaper on Saturday, may 30.

So, sports stuff should not be washed with conditioner, because it is not designed for fabrics with water-repellent coating. Alternatively Dimitrov offers to pour half a Cup of white vinegar during the rinse. It is also recommended to wash sports clothes in a sleeping mesh bag, set temperature and air dried.

the Second major mistake, according to experts, is to use too much detergent. “There is a misconception that this will make it easier to wash the thing, but it’s not. The abundant foam does not allow bacteria and dirt out of fabrics,” he explained.

Swimwear should be hand washed to prevent fading, warns the interlocutor of the edition. In addition, after the automatic washing beach kit can be a size smaller. Stains from sunscreen, according to him, are removed by the vinegar.

Giving General advice, the expert noted that, in addition to the standard sorting Laundry by color, you need to turn the garment inside out before putting her in the car. This will enable prolong the life of the wardrobe, he concluded.