Representative Anastasia Ivlieva told the state of her health and the health of her husband, rapper LJ. The TV host feels “fine,” he said in an interview with the REN TV channel.

“the Disease is asymptomatic. Will it affect her further creative destiny? Definitely, but only temporarily,” — said the representative of Ivlieva, adding that neither she nor her husband “are not included in the risk group 60+, even if you add up their ages”.

Earlier, the TV presenter and blogger Anastasia Ivleva said in Instagram that she was infected with coronavirus with her husband. However, she urged followers to be careful because “the virus will not go away”, and LJ has posted a positive test result for COVID-19, accompanied by his joke that “he had the crown, so he was the king.”

Ivlieva contracted the coronavirus

In late June about his infection with coronavirus was told by the singer Anita Tsoy. She described severe symptoms of the disease with which she had to face: among them them were coughing, diarrhoea, loss of smell, problems with kidneys and liver, and levels of blood sugar and pressure.