Paul Priluchny only in June got a divorce, though about parting with Agatha muceniece became known in February. The star of the series “Major”, as it turned out, raised a hand to his wife, and he had his flashes of anger during quarrels. Fans were sure that this was the reason for discord. However, less than a month after the divorce, he went on vacation with Miroslava Karpovich, known to many for the TV series “Daddy’s girls”.

Colleagues confirmed that Paul has long affair with a young girl. Moreover, the neighbors saw her in the house of the actor from which Priluchny kicked his wife. The lovers spent time in the Crimea. Miroslav even played with the children of the elect, Timothy and MIA. Later it turned out that muceniece didn’t know that her heirs will be spending time in the company of a mistress of their father. While the media surfaced the new details of the relations of the actor with Karpovich, he managed to return to Moscow.

On the eve muceniece was reunited with children. The actress has shared some shots from his apartment. MIA and Timothy in the evening prevented my mom to chat with its Director. They dragged the girl into a toy house.

And in the morning for Breakfast Agatha watched as her daughter eats. “A spoonful for daddy, you ate, and who will be the last spoon?”, she asked. “For Amanda (girl friend),” replied pipsqueak. “How sweet! Porridge with sausage, Mikina signature dish,” said muceniece.

By the way, recently in the house of the actress has another pet. She is now caring for a spotted kitten. Also, she lives Spitz Yogurt and British cat Salik. Daughter of the stars love to give part of Breakfast for the new family member.