Crimean rescuers in the area of Feodosia raised from the seabed a huge anchor weighing about five tons. Operation of its transportation to the shore lasted a few days. Now historians will have to figure out what the ship belonged to this artifact is the age of 114 years and why he was on the seabed at this location. I spoke to the Minister of emergency situations of Crimea Sergey Shakhov.

According to him, the anchor was at the relatively shallow depths – 10 meters and at a distance of 300 meters from the shore. The whereabouts of this giant has long been known, but to get such a heavy object, rescuers were not able to do. This year divers of the enterprise “Krym-Spas” carried out training in the Feodosia Bay, practicing lifesaving skills with the distress of the vessel. It was also decided to raise the anchor and bring it ashore. Given the weight and size of this colossus, the operation lasted for five days. To rise from the depths and transport were in need of special parachutes, pontoons.

– the Anchor identified as the anchor of the Hall, it was constructed in 1906. Also, it can be seen the stigma, – said Sergey Shakhov. – A clear answer which vessel was used this anchor, not tonight, but most likely, historians believe that they belong to the battleship “Paris commune”, which was later renamed Sevastopol.

In recent years, underwater archaeologists and searchers found off the coast of the Crimea, a number of unique finds. So, off the coast of Evpatoria were found several sailing ships during the Crimean war. The uniqueness of the findings is that they lie in shallow water, near a city beach and still have not been studied.

off the coast of Sevastopol found a well-preserved ancient ship, which is also yet to study in detail. In 2016, the West coast of the Crimea was discovered by the famous ship “Vesta” who distinguished themselves in battle with the Turkish battleship “of Fehmi-Bulent” in 1877. Finally, this year historians have confirmed the exact location of the ship “Armenia”, sunk by the Nazis in November 1941. His search continued for 75 years and only now come to fruition. On Board the “Armenia” according to various estimates, were killed from 7 to 10 thousand people.