Voronezh promoter Igor Malyukov plans is suing the singer Alexander Serov, who worked for unscrupulous tour.

The contractor coordinated all details of concerts and fees. And only later showed his true face. The musician began to blackmail the organizer that he must give him an additional “medicine” before each performance, meaning money, which they had not previously agreed.

And so, according to the promoter Malyukova, in every city. One-time surcharges on top for the second time. On the tenth time the distributor has already run out of money to “cure”. What Serov, according to my client, harshly retorted: “well, you owe me one, later give! You know me!..”, the lawyer said the promoter Maya Sandler.

After that, Serov has filed a lawsuit against Malyukov. Singer of the hit “I love you” won the case. However, the promoter claims that he knew nothing about this process, as the agenda he did not come. After a while it came to police officers and sought one million rubles.

Sandler said that her mentee intends to appeal the case. Malyukov has fulfilled all the conditions of the contract and even more. But the representative of the Russian show-business, extorted money, writes “”.

As previously wrote in the court Serov had to go because of non-performance of contractual obligations and causing damages to the company “Direct”.