a Native benzenes Sergey Yanyushkin is the younger brother of head coach of “Locomotive”, a former player of team Russia Alexander Yanyushkin, a member of the 2011 world Cup, the author of the first ever “attempt” (spinning the ball in in-goal rival, the price is five points) of our national team to the most important tournament of the four-year cycle. However, no nepotism and protectionism in the Russian Rugby no, Sergei Yanyushkin is the captain and leader of the “Loco” is absolutely the case. And it is even good that in the environment of Russian masters of oval ball, there are dynasties and healthy continuity.

the Victory of “Locomotive” could be called pleasant a sensation. Still, at the end of last season Moscow “pilots” finished fourth, and before that eight years in a row became bronze prize-winners of the national championship. As for the railroad, the Penza citizens in the Russian championship 2019 took the penultimate, seventh place. This is now the structure of participants of tournament at the expense of CSKA and Kazan “Boom” has expanded to a full ten.

the meeting is open in Penza, which was broadcast live on Federal TV channel “Match TV” with predisloviem by the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Rugby Federation of Russia Igor Artemyev, in the 52nd minute after a second consecutive attempts performed by Aimee Patrice Bake (it’s our athlete partially Congolese origin) and implementation (two point kick to the space above the crossbar of the H-shaped gate) Andrew Lyzogub the score became equal – 12:12. And that is the exact penalty to Sergei Yanyushkin on 68th and 77th minutes, and Rugby is played two times 40, brought Loko the success of the full four points in the standings.

In this match could be partially paradoxical situation. If suburban guests have time to make another attempt, but slipped in the implementation, it would have lost with a minimum score of 17:18 and earned a bonus point in the table. And a bonus for three or more attempts more than the opponent gets, as it turned out, whatever the outcome – whether they win, draw or even defeat.

Here are the results of the remaining four matches of the tour: “Arrow” (Kazan) – CSKA – 50:8, “Krasny Yar” (Krasnoyarsk) – “Glory” (Moscow) – 10:13, “Heroes” (Krasnodar) – “Yenisei-STM” (Krasnoyarsk) – 3:35, “Bulava” (Taganrog, the Rostov region) – “the Metallurgist” (Novokuznetsk) – 9:34. In the second round will compete on June 25th. “Red Yar” – “Arrow”, “Heroes” – “metallurg”, “Mace” – “Yenisei-STM”. June 26. “Glory” – “VVA-Moscow” CSKA – “the locomotive”.