Recently on the platform of the Netflix premiere of the superhero blockbuster “Immortal guard.” Starring in the film adaptation of the not very known comic played the owner of the award “Oscar”, Charlize Theron, familiar to viewers of the “Aladdin” guy Ritchie Kenzari Marwan and winner of two awards at the Venice film festival Luca Marinelli. Film critic Dmitry Barchenkov says, can it be called a successful film, and also talks about three recent original projects Netfliх.Immortal guardian 2017 publisher Image Comics introduced the world to comic book blockbuster “the Old guard”. In this four immortal mercenaries to perform a range of tasks and faced a mercenary scientists willing to scale their “indestructibility”. Netflix hurry up fairly quickly, acquiring the film rights and released the tape before the release of the final volume of the comic. The cast is made international, to include, in addition to the Oscar-winning Charlize Theron, star of European cinema — Matthias Sonarda and Luca Marinelli. This is unlikely to be able to afford the theatrical blockbuster, which usually attracts loud, but American names. And the stage Director chose Gina Prince Bythwood (musical drama “Behind the scenes” and the superhero series “Cloak and dagger”). It is quite laborious moved the plot on the screen, providing his old-fashioned action (the scene in the Church where the heroine Theron deals with enemies, impossible to put down). The story even seems extremely banal, but very definitely in the spirit of the time: a good feminist subtext, a touching gay love story and challenges of creating biological weapons. In General, if you miss the Saturday night movies, “Immortal guard” is a great choice for the weekend. Closer to the ground with Zach Efron”the time has Come to become closer to the earth,”— says in the Intro of the eponymous travel-show Netflix the famous actor Zac Efron (“the Beautiful, the bad and the ugly”, “the Greatest showman”, “17 again”). For a couple with a friend, a specialist in health and author of the book “Energy in the plate: the Five superpowers” could be saved completely ‘ by Aliena, he travels the world (from France and UK to Sardinia and Peru). All in order to figure out how to solve certain environmental problems. Of course, vosmiseriynogo show went not so much about the environment as it is about lifestyle (Efron trying new foods, studying languages and exploring cool ways of leisure) and the characteristics of different peoples. Something similar, but even less socially important, is Zhanna badoeva in the project “the Lives of others.” There leading in the usual manner, also trying to explore different ways of life. Eurovision: a history of the Saginaw fire secret that Comedy with will Ferrell where the actor is usually more and the producer or the writer, and are not always successful. For example, one of his previous experiments — a parody of the cult series of books “Holmes and Watson”, — it is difficult enough to watch until the end. Jokes in a Comedy were absolutely charming and flat, and the plot could not hold the viewer’s attention. But the new work, the Director of which was made by the author of “Shanghai noon” and drama with Robert Downey Jr.’s “the Judge,” David Dobkin, was much more foldable. Before us is a story about dreamers, losers from Iceland (they were performed by Ferrell and Rachel McAdams). Heroes really want to win the song contest “Eurovision” and, accordingly, fall into the vortex of comic situations. In one of them, for example, are the elves. The film is almost perfect soundtrack, some of the songs which then you want to listen, and a good satire on the competition and participating countries. And, of course, acting with the victory of Dan Stevens (TV series, “Downton Abbey” and “Legion”, the movie “the Guest”), who played the Russian artist Alexander Nemcova. In character it is easy to see and Philip Kirkorov and Nikolai Baskov and Sergey Lazarev. Written off he did with George Michael. Razoblachenii last month, which in many countries is considered “pride month” LGBTQ±community, Netflix released one of the most important of his documentary. In the original he is called “Disclosure” (which can be translated as “Exposure”) and tells about the history of the representation of transgender people in film and television. Earlier streaming service Apple TV+ in the documentary series “Visibility: out of the shadows on the television” told about the problems of the community on TV in General, Netflix also exposes the creators of the tape, which was laughing over transgender persons. It is noteworthy “Exposing” the fact that this particular example shows the evolution of the society from the barbarity and obscurantism for equality for all. To happy world, by the way, we still continue to go. Not to mention that a significant part of the film dedicated to the popular TV series of Ryan Murphy about the queer culture of the American 1980-1990’s “Pose” of the revolution of justice in this matter.