The state Senator from Dagestan Suleiman Kerimov for the last four months has increased from $10 billion to $18.5 billion According to Forbes Real-Time, he ranks seventh in the top 10 richest Russians. In the annual rating of Mr. Kerimov in recent times included in the top ten in 2008.According to Forbes, the reason for the increase in status was the increase in the value of shares of the company “Polyus”, Russia’s largest gold producer. 78.6% of shares belongs to the family of Mr. Kerimov. The shares trade at 13 206 RUB apiece, 15 of July they have increased in price 3%. In March, the state Senator was estimated at $10 billion (13 place in the rating of the richest Russians). Stock quotes “Pole” was at 8384 RUB According to the publication, during the pandemic, as none of the Russian billionaires so not grown.Top 10 richest Russians according to Forbes :Earlier Forbes reported that the number of dollar billionaires in Russia for two months from 18 March increased from 99 to 101 people. Their cumulative condition has increased from $392 billion to $454 billion by the Leaders of the list were Vladimir Potanin (Norilsk Nickel), Vagit Alekperov (LUKOIL) and Leonid Mikhelson (NOVATEK).