Thousands of danes come to Sweden in the holidays, but is it still okay in the light of the current coronakrise?

while Denmark has completely shut down the borders, so is it still possible for EU-citizens and, hence, also danes to travel to Sweden.

Therefore a part of the B. T. s readers also asked if they can take in the leisure or holiday home in Sweden over easter, when the weather is likely to be good, and the border to Sweden is still open.

The short answer is: Yes, you can.

One should however be aware that both the Danish and Swedish authorities advise against all non-necessary travel across the border. And if you ask virolog, and professor of biomedicine at Aarhus University Søren Riis Paludan, then he is also not in doubt.

“in General, you should not be so mobile in these times, so one should avoid travelling. This applies to both Swedish ødegårde and Danish holiday homes,” he says, and adds:

“It is not that it is more dangerous to be in Sweden, but one should try to keep his hjemmerutine.”

The massive Danish interest in crossing the Øresund is also something you have marked at the information service Øresunddirekt. To B. T. informs that it has received many inquiries from danes who want to visit the cottage over easter.

“At present, the Swedish borders are not closed for those travelling from another EU/EEA country. But we encourage all who have questions about traveling to Sweden, to consider whether the trip is necessary,” says Sandra Forsen from Øresunddirekt, before she continues:

“It is also important to note that countries can take new decisions at short notice.”

Swedish municipalities: Stay away

Sandra Forsen, adding that the Swedish king Carl Gustaf on Monday was out, and invite the Swedish people to drop sommerhusturen over easter, and that a handful of Swedish mayors of the city have written open letters to the danes, who have a cottage in Sweden.

‘I will not say not to get, but I would like to think over the decision again and consider what is most important right now,’ sounds in a open letter directly addressed to the danes from Michael Jeansson, mayor of Tingsryds Municipality, while Elizabeth Peltola from Älmhults Municipality writes:

‘the Risk of being infected is great. Care right now is meant for those who live in the region. Therefore, I appeal to, to not come to Älmhult Municipality right now. There comes a time after the coronaviruses, and we look forward to your visit. But right now I’m asking you to stay home until then.’

The Swedish ministry for foreign affairs informs in addition to B. T., that the Swedish citizens are advised against all non-necessary travel within the country’s borders, and that the same recommendations therefore also apply to the danes.

The Swedish strategy has been a controversial issue in both Denmark and Sweden. For while most of Europe is shut down, Sweden has chosen a different approach.

this is Why the border is still partly open, just as it is also possible to walk to bars, cafes and restaurants. In addition, continuing also the schools open. At the time of writing is 477 coronapatienter died in Sweden.