It is important that the EU total comes strongly out of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus, says Merkel.

Never before has the EU been subjected to a greater ordeal of the union, than is the case with coronapandemien.

It says German chancellor, Angela Merkel, at a news conference Monday, according to Reuters.

– in my opinion, are Europe, the european UNION, is facing the biggest ordeal since its founding.

– We have a big health challenge which affects all members, however different, she says.

It is especially important that the EU comes strongly out of the economic crisis, as coronapandemien has brought.

And it is in all EU countries ‘ interest that the EU comes out well on the other hand, believes Merkel.

– Germany will only be able to do well in the long run, if Europe is doing well.

– the Answer to coronakrisen can only be A stronger europe and more Europe, ” she says.

Merkel stresses that Germany is “ready to contribute” to strengthen the EU and help to get through the crisis.

One of the EU’s most important lessons that the EU learned of the coronakrisen, is, according to Merkel, Europe needs to have a “self-sufficiency” of the important protective equipment such as masks.

– Regardless of the fact that this market is currently located in Asia, we need a degree of self-sufficiency or at least a pillar of our own production in Germany or elsewhere in Europe, she says.

Several countries reported a lack of protective equipment in the fight against coronavirus.

the Head of the world health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has previously pointed out that the lack of protective equipment such as face masks are an acute threat, and can prevent the countries in the saving of lives.

According to a statement from Johns Hopkins University are over a million people registered as infected worldwide.

Globally are over 70,000 reported dead as a result of the Covid-19, which is the disease, the coronavirus can cause.