Five years in a General regime colony got the former head of the Russian authors ‘ society (RAO) Sergei Fedotov who has been convicted of fraud copyright fees in excess of 762 million rubles. The court found that he led a “sustainable criminal group”, which carried out a fraud with the author’s royalties for works by little known authors who supposedly day and night “spinning” on TV and radio, both in Russia and abroad.

Recall that according to investigators, Fedotov headed the criminal group in 2011. The participants looked for authors who for a small fee, sold the rights to their works. In reality, these works had no artistic value – has never been played in public places and catering, television or radio. Nevertheless, from the funds of RAO were paying royalties on the nominees. Fedotov and his co-conspirators then cashed the money and appropriated.

Together with Fedotov on the dock was his mother Vera Fedotova (she performed the duties of Deputy to his son), head of service of the holders of RAO Svetlana Timashova, another employee of the organization Angela Ageikina and owner of Volodia of Nasrashvili.

As followed from a sentence, the organized group was “unity, stability, stability.” The works of little-known authors were acquired for a nominal sum. For example, the copyright on a collection of 30 songs cost the scammers three thousand rubles. The maximum amount that was awarded to the songwriters for the alienation of rights was about 30 thousand rubles.

Various authors of songs and instrumental pieces, which transferred the rights to their works, was so much that the judge had in the course of an hour just to list their names.

Almost all the accused were under recognizance not to leave, so on Wednesday came to the court themselves. The only one who was taken to court the employees of the FSIN, was Sergey Fedotov. Still quite a young man came in, leaning on a cane – according to some, he is suffering from a disease of the blood vessels. And when the judge allowed to sit down (according to the rules of sentence listen standing), Fedotov was one of the first who took advantage of this indulgence.

All defendants previously pleaded guilty and asked to consider their case in a special manner, which provides for penalties, not exceeding two thirds of the maximum.

In the end, the biggest term community organizer — five years in prison. The remaining members of the gang (including mother-pensioner Fedotov) escaped with suspended sentences of three to four years.

it is Noteworthy that this is not the first Fedotov HS��Inal case. In the summer of 2017, he was sentenced to one and a half years for fraud to 297 million rubles. Then, the interior Ministry and the FSB were able to identify a fraudulent scheme illegal alienation of the property of a third party of property of RAO. However in December 2017 Fedotov released on parole, and RAO sought him as the damage to 242 million rubles.

the Russian copyright society, a non — profit public organization established in 1993 for the collective management of copyright. Now there are more than 25 thousand persons.