the Average time to sell apartments on the secondary housing market in Russia is from one to five months, but there are objects that “hang” on the market for five years or more. Most often they are unable to implement due to high prices, according to the materials of the Agency “Nevsky Prostor”, arrived in edition “”.

“Overpriced is the most common cause of long sales — the experts. — As a rule, the owners say they are not in a hurry to sell the apartment. They believe that someone will still acquire the object at an inflated price. Until 2008, the buyers really came out to sellers in hopes to bargain. Now, with the advent of aggregators, objects at an inflated price just do not fall into the sample potential buyer”.

in Addition to the inadequate price, to realize apartment of hinder factors such as poor legal history of the object, failure location, competition from new buildings, weak advertising, poor photos and the lack of minimal preparation. To prevent the conclusion of a transaction and engaging the sale of several agents simultaneously. “In the end, this leads to the fact that the real object is to do, no one will” — reveal the secret realtors.

Earlier, in February, were identified the main causes of refusal to purchase housing. First place in the ranking took the suspicious history of the apartment — is a minus object, most often motivate Russian buyers to cancel the transaction.