About one out of eight women diagnosed with breast cancer. In Germany, approximately 75,000 new cases a year. But what about the men – there is also the risk to get the diagnosis of breast cancer? Even if the concept makes it hard to believe, the answer is Yes.

However, this type of malignant tumors are significantly less common than in the female sex. Usually the cancer is developed only in the later age of approximately 65 years. Whereas in women, the age of onset in most cases is significantly lower.


The reasons have mostly to do with the genetic predisposition to. Mutations can be inherited from the parents, but also occur spontaneously. The genes BRCA-1, BRCA-2 and RAD51C (BRCA-3) are most affected and increase developing risk of breast cancer, but also for other forms of cancer to be more vulnerable. Another cause in men, Klinefelter syndrome is. The people affected usually have chromosomes one or more extra X and a 20 – to 60-developing fold increased risk of breast cancer. Factors such as radiation or hormonal imbalance can also contribute.

Dangerous don’t

know, Similar to women, knots, or hardening of the breast, indrawing of the nipple, or inflammation of the mammary gland, only some signs of a possible disease. Unfortunately, breast cancer is detected in men is usually very late. This is because there is no breast cancer screening programs for the man. Add to this that in men is changes in the chest are often not diagnosed immediately as cancer.

The treatment methods are similar to those of the women. Depending on the diagnosis of cancer using surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy or an anti-body is trying to therapy to fight.

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