The former participant of group “Tea for two” Stas Kostyushkin explained to his followers why he had admitted that he was raped at 8 years old.

After the interview received a lot of questions about rape. Many have asked why I told. Those who have not listened to the interview, I repeat: I said this because I have three sons and I fear for them and worry that’s why it was said, explained his action by Stas Kostyushkin on his page in social network Instagram.

"Pulled and shoved each in my mouth"

He also expressed the hope that the haters, despite the condemnation of the artist, after hearing this story, will take measures to protect their children.

Those who are yanked out of context, to those who just spit on all those who still care about what happens to their children, with education, im a huge Hello. But I still believe that you came home to spit on me and on my family, look at their children and will do everything possible so that they were protected, did you leave a wish Hayter Stas Kostyushkin.

Russian singer shared that he was with four friends when their child was raped by a stranger. He noted that a pedophile threats forced the children to obey his will. The actor admitted that he still remembers the true-life nightmare.

Earlier wrote that the children’s Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova told about the growing number of crimes against children for the year 2019 almost 10%. She noted that it is necessary to tighten control over the pedophiles in other countries.