“Dear editor, help! I think I fell into the hands of fraudsters…” begins a story of a large mother Mary Chekalinskaya. Two years ago, the family Chekalinsky, in which grow three small children (including a disabled daughter with disabilities), the law “About free granting in the property to separate categories of citizens the land plots in the territory of the Kostroma region” got the plot size is ten acres.

– in obtaining the land had two conditions: a survey (we paid from the family budget) and a ban on the construction of a capital nature. Both conditions we performed. Immediately after the transfer of the site from all other queues expelled us, – says Maria.

a Field near the village Kusimusi, which highlighted wearing Czekalinski is agricultural land. In accordance with the classification in such areas the owners are entitled for the construction of sheds, gazebos, greenhouses and huts for storing tools and agricultural products, to shelter from rain and livestock.

With the advent of the plot of life of a big happy family Chekalinsky transformed. The couple dug up the earth, planted vegetables, herbs. In the corner area installing swings and a sandbox for children. This place immediately became a favorite for younger Chekalinsky.

We took a loan, bought a Board and started to build the shed allowed us. You can’t imagine how happy we were in this process! Exhausted cooped up in cramped urban apartment during isolation, we found in the visits to the site of the present outlet, were on the air every day! – exclaims Maria.

As thunder from a clear sky, on may 27 at plot Chekalinsky in the absence of the owners was raided by a sudden check. The result of the visit of officials of administration of the Kostroma district, became the act in which they wrote that the building erected on the site, “has characteristics of capital structure.” Therefore, despite the presence of a well-tended garden, the land the family uses supposedly “not on purpose”. According to the inspection, on a dedicated parcel owners have the right to engage “exclusively with the cultivation of agricultural products, without the right of erection of capital constructions”.

– Received the paper, I could not believe my eyes! In the shed of the slab reviewer saw the house with the Foundation, although no Foundation, and there is no trace! As additional evidence of the alleged violations, we have imputed that the building has Windows and a door. We wanted to paint a garden shed with bright colors, draw on the Windows of the eyes, attach to cilia, to looking at her, all smiles, adults and children. Now what? When this paper came from her husband hands down, almost crying, showing the charging document, Maria.

Maria Chekalincal started administrative proceedings and imposed a fine of 10 thousand rubles.

– When we presented the document that Taci disability, we showed leniency and reduced the penalty to five thousand. But for us it is a lot of money! They need to be transferred to the account of the administration of Kostroma municipal district, which conducted the test. However, the most terrible is that in addition to the fine, we were presented with the requirement to eliminate infringement – that is, to dismantle our building! In oral conversation the clerk said: Well, pay a fine, dismantle the structure and move it to another station.” But we have this site only! Where? And as my family with the disabled to cultivate the land without the buildings? Where to store the inventory? To take in hands a shovel and every day to carry her home in Kostroma? And it is the local authorities called the support? Yes, if we only knew the truth about this kind of “support” that never would have taken this plot! We would not have invested all our savings… sadly concludes Maria.

Valery Noda, the head of Kostroma municipal district:

following the results of check of municipal land inspector made an act, may 27, materials are directed for consideration to UPRAVLENIE rosreestra across the Kostroma region. To date, the administration of the Kostroma municipal district granted 361 parcel of agricultural land with the permitted use – maintenance of private farming at the field sites. The three sections of the violations. As at 26 June 2020 in line to receive land for private farming consists of 646 people.

Sergey Shkalikov, lawyer:

– Issued by the judgment to be appealed. By law it is for ten days. In my practice there were cases of illegal actions of officials. To challenge them in court. Defendants will have to prove the guilt of the family and to present a “Foundation” building, which they “saw” in the absence of the owners. According to the rules of the Ministry of agriculture on private land you can build the objects needed for equipment, production and processing of agricultural products, so the construction of cabins legal. Since in this case the interests of the affected children, it is necessary to require the consideration of the case in the presence of the Prosecutor and of the guardianship.