1/9 How many oranges to eat norwegians in the week of easter? Photo: Nina Didriksen / NRK 15 million 16 million 17 million 18 million 2/9 Where traveled NRK-chickens? Photo: Dan Henrik Klausen / NRK

NRK Finnmark had during the week of easter 2019 a rugekonkurranse. But where moved three of the eleven påskekyllingene, after easter?

To a naturbarnehage To a primary school To a zoo To an old people’s home 3/9 What is the meaning of easter? Photo: Anders Nielsen / NRK

Many people know what easter is, but what does the actual word “easter”?

Go past the Peaceful time Resurrection the power of the Sun 4/9 In which family belongs påskeliljen to? Photo: Gyda Katrine Hesla Narsissfamilien Nellikfamilien Nøkleblomfamilien Nattlysfamilien 5/9 How long do eggs? Photo: Karina Kaupang Jørgensen / NRK

Norwegian egg is stamped with a 28-day shelf life, but how long does the actually by storing in the refrigerator?

Two months Three months Four months Five months 6/9 What happened on easter day? Photo: Animation: Monika Terese Edvardsen

What happened after the christian faith on easter day?

the Day when Jesus instituted the last supper the Day Jesus died on the cross, the Day when Jesus rose from the dead, the Day when Jesus rode into Jerusalem 7/9 Where does the expression “påskekjerring” from? Illustration: Mariam Eltervåg Cissé / NRK Norway Sweden Finland Russia 8/9 What year was the first with Påskelabyrinten on the radio? Photo: Mari Grafsønningen 1986 1987 1992 1995 9/9 What is the meaning of the word “orange”? Photo: Pernille Wroldsen / NRK Japanese apple Spanish apple Chinese apple Greek apple, Your profit

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