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Authorities in Zhejiang province in China will work together with the county of Nordland in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic”, they write in a letter.

the Letter is addressed to Tomas Norvoll, fylkesrådslederen in Nordland or the president of Nordland county, which it so great is named in the letter, NRK has gained access to.

The helping hand is signed Che Jun, secretary of the chinese communist party in Zhejiang province.

The roses measures that have been initiated in this country and will at the same time exchange experiences across borders.

We praise the efficient steps taken by the county of Nordland in order to limit the spread, and is more than ready to share experiences in the fight against the epidemic, writes Jun in the letter.

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Zhejiang province and Nordland county council, wrote in the 2017 under a permanent agreement on cooperation .

Chair Norvoll, Nordland like the initiative to share knowledge with the chinese.

Secretary in Zhejiang province, Che Jun and the chair in Nordland Tomas Norvoll. Here from three years ago when they signed deals for billions of dollars.

Photo: Thor-Wiggo Distinguish / Nordland county council

What is important is that all countries learn from each other. This is a virus no one has seen before. Therefore, it is incredibly important that we all share experiences across borders, he says to NRK.

Norvoll see several similarities in how the countries handle the virus.

” What happened in China was that they had put in strong measures to restrict the movement around the community. In many ways, we have done the same in Norway.

– Then each country to find its variant. We’ve got the advantage here is that we live somewhat more scattered.

Norway and China signed agreements worth two billion. – Important for the time that comes after the

Koronakrisen has turned upside down on the lot and given the community a proper bend. The unemployment rate has shot up and more than 400.000 norwegians are now job seekers . At the same time fear the oil industry and large companies such as Norwegian for the future . Still standing nyetableringene in the queue.

Norvoll points out that there will come a time where it will build up again. When he sees the benefit in sharing experiences.

Where can it certainly be that we have the interest to look towards them. China is a country that is very different from the us, but it can be experiences there that it is also important for us to take with.

Widerøe has the highest number of flights in the whole of Europe Read the full letter here: From: Che Jun, Secretary of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, President of Standing Committee of Zhejiang People’s Congress the To: Tomas Norvoll, President of Nordland County, Norway Sent: March 27, 2020Honorable Mr. Tomas Norvoll Recently, Nordland County as well as the whole Norway was hit by the COVID-19 epidemic. We can completely relate to what you are going through right now. On behalf of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, the Provincial Government and our people, In the send my sincere a consolations to all the people of Nordland County. The Virus respects no borders and the epidemic cares about no ethnicities. Only by acting with unity and working together can the human world’s defeat the virus. Guided by the vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind, the Chinese people stand united to fight against the COVID-19 epidemic since its outbreak under the leadership of President Xi Jinping. Our rigorous epidemic prevention and control effort have delivered positive results. Meanwhile, China has released information about the epidemic in a timely and transparent manner, and shared its experience of epidemic prevention and control practices, winning precious time for as well as providing useful experiences to the international community. We praise effective measures taken by Nordland County to contain the spread of the epidemic, and are more than ready to conduct experience-sharing and exchange with Nordland County in our fight against the epidemic. Since Zhejiang and Nordland established sisterly partnership in 2010, our friendship and cooperation has gone from strength two strength. We truly cherish our friendly relations and firmly believe we can secure an early victory over the virus and take our cooperation to a new level through our concerted effort. In wish Your Excellency good health and all success in your job!In wish the Nordland people, happiness, peace and good health! More about koronaviruset StatusRåd and infoØkonomiSpør NRK Status NorgeSist updated: 10.04.20206275Smittet232Innlagt112Dødestatus for Norway