Mutual help, kindness, support middle has always been a distinctive feature of the Russians, Vladimir Putin. The online meetings with volunteers, he praised the new generation of volunteers for “a civil feat”. So the country has always been, said the President. He admitted that at the time was shocked by the story of the residents of besieged Leningrad, which no matter what became donors of blood for sending soldiers to the front.

President Vladimir Putin during online meetings with volunteers, thanked the volunteers for assisting the government in caring for vulnerable populations during a pandemic coronavirus. Such deeds and kindness in the blood of Russians, expressed confidence the head of state.

“In the blood of our people, in its cultural genetic code”, – Putin said, Recalling that at all times the Russians “to confront any adversity the world.”

He added that no wonder the words “heroism” and “selfless” are close. And participating in volunteer activities volunteers prove the nation’s commitment to the Union, the President said. He expressed gratitude to everyone who currently helps other people, expressing confidence that exhibiting “generosity” the people demonstrate “a real civil heroism”.

so brave, kind and generous people have always been famous for Russia, said Putin.

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