A severe thunderstorm has served up an extraordinary sight in the skies above Oklahoma, with exceptional eyewitness footage showing lightning enveloping the entire countryside.

A barrage of thunderstorms blasted through Oklahoma bringing heavy hail, the threat of tornadoes and flooding, and even left extraordinary orange clouds in its wake. 

The highlight of the wild weather was caught on camera by storm chaser Jake Heitman, who shared the amazing natural light show on Twitter.

The sky has a striking orange hue as the lightning rips through the atmosphere and unleashes ferocious peals of thunder.

Crazy rainbow lighting from last night in

After the storms passed, a spectacular display of “mammatus clouds” could be seen blanketing the skies. The rounded, cotton-wool-like fleece of clouds often accompany severe thunderstorms, but they do not produce turbulent weather.

After barreling through Oklahoma, the storms moved southeast and blasted Houston, Texas, leaving more than 160,000 homes without electricity. It prompted the National Weather Service to warn residents near the Texas Gulf Coast of potentially life-threatening conditions and rough seas.

BEAUTIFUL MAMMATUS over Tulsa, Oklahoma behind tornado Warner squall line! COW udders as far as the eye can see. This is the wonder of nature! YES. Storms tracked via @RadarOmega_WX app

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