Putin said about the complicated situation with COVID 19 in the Vladimir region and Komi Republic

the head of state said at a meeting on the construction and redevelopment of health facilities in the regions of the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Putin stated that the problem of the spread of coronavirus concerns not only Moscow, but also of each region of Russia. In General, according to him, the risks associated with the spread of the virus, are still very high. “Peak has not yet passed. The number of cases is growing not only in Moscow but also in many other regions”, – said the President.

– the Problem goes to the regions and in each region the people were ready to overcome all difficulties that may arise there – warned the Russian leader.

He said that he would like to hear the report of the Governor of Vladimir region Vladimir Sipyagin.

the region develops a complex epidemiological situation, while there are problems with the organization of medical care, – said the President.

Another region with a difficult situation – Komi Republic, which, according to Putin, faced with a dangerous focus of infection.

– Please assess the adequacy of measures for its localization, especially because the new head of the region Vladimir Uiba well aware of all these issues, the President noted, – for many years he was the head of the Federal medical-biological Agency.