The problem of the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 concerns not only Moscow, but other regions of Russia, stated President Vladimir Putin at a meeting on the progress of construction and the redevelopment of health centres.

“Moscow has experienced the first, as I said, this problem, but we see that this problem goes to the regions and should, in each region the people were ready to overcome all difficulties that may arise”, — quotes the President TASS.

Putin praised the fight against coronavirus in Russia

So, Putin said, the difficult epidemiological situation in the Vladimir region, in this case there are issues with organization of health care services.

He also stressed that the Republic of Komi faced with a dangerous source of infection, and asked to assess the adequacy of measures for its localization.

According to him, the meeting of heads of regions will present a report on the work on the ground.

According to the latest data of the operational headquarters in Russia revealed 32 008 infected with a coronavirus.