India reported a new coronavirus of terrorism Send bombers

the Commanders of several Islamist groups fighting for the independence of Jammu and Kashmir, began to send infected with a coronavirus militants in the territory of India. According to Indian media, the terrorists acquired the virus in the training camps in Pakistan, and then deliberately sent to Kashmir. As noted by Indian military support to the rebels provided by the Pakistan army, which uses the epidemiological situation for the escalation of Indo-Pakistani conflict.

coronavirus Pandemic, which covered almost the entire world, used by armies of several countries and terrorist groups as a cover for the solution of military problems. This occurs in particular in the region of Jammu and Kashmir, whose control is disputed by India and Pakistan.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the intensity of the clashes on the border have increased significantly. The Indian government claims that Pakistan uses epidemic caused chaos for aggravation of the situation in the region. According to the chief of staff of the armed forces of India General M. M. Naravane, Pakistan uses the epidemic as a cover for support of the operating in Kashmir terrorists.

According to the Indian edition of Deccan Herald, which cites sources in the Ministry of defence of India, Pakistan army fires at Indian territory, covering breakthroughs brigades terrorist groups “Lashkar-e-Taiba” and “Jaish-al-Muhammad” across the line of demarcation.

according to media reports, many of the terrorists are carriers of the coronavirus, which they catch in the training camps on Pakistani territory.

So, has published a conversation recording of one of the gunmen with his father. The terrorist says that most of his brothers in arms are infected with a coronavirus, but the commanders still direct them to Kashmir. According to media reports, the command selects groups deliberately infected militants to the spread of infection in the territory of Jammu and Kashmir. With this, the media attributed the sharp increase in the incidence in the region.

Given the current environment, the command of the Indian army has published a special Handbook for soldiers that explains the rules of the bodies of the killed terrorists, which can maintain the infection for a long time. It is proposed to dig deeper and away from sources of water.

the Government of India also confers a growth in the number of cases of coronavirus in the country (by Friday, there were 12 thousand 380 cases and 414 deaths. the – MK) on the local Muslim community. Authorities filed charges in the spread of infection to the leaders of the Islamic society “Tablighi-Jamaat”. The headquarters of the organization is in Delhi with thousands of supporters. The head of the organization Mujib��R Rahman is accused of organizing of mass meetings, contrary to the government’s decision on universal quarantine.