Vladimir Putin has demanded to prevent the compulsion and “cheat” appear in the course which started on June 25 vote on the amendments to the Constitution. At a meeting with members of the Public chamber (OP) he said that the results should be “legitimate and true” to “never could put them into question”. The President twice stressed that the law is not obliged to vote, but he felt it was important to know people’s opinion.

the New composition of the Public chamber was fully developed a few days ago, when I finished competitive selection of the last 43 members. In the end, the quota of NCOs and public associations was updated on 72%, the presidential quota (40) — 50% and regional (84 people) — 45%. At the last stage in the composition of the OP included such personalities as recently released from the U.S. prison Maria Butina, the daughter of Senator Mizulina Ekaterina and Director Timothy Paul Kuryanov; however, none of them are in a meeting with the President was not invited. Vladimir Putin complained that the event is on video, and promised to find the opportunity for direct personal contact with all the staff of the OP, when “the situation will develop successfully”. But overall, the online format like the President, and in the future he, in his words, become “very active”.

Putin just outlined, I would like first to talk with the activists: it started on June 25, the vote on the amendments to the Constitution. If the former members of the chamber took an active part in the elaboration, discussion and explanation of the planned changes, the current will “lead an active monitoring of the voting process” and to follow “strict compliance with all procedures and rules”. “There can’t be any compulsion, “cheat” appearance. Not to mention the failures in the accounting of the votes cast, that one could never place into question the position expressed by the citizens of Russia”, — said the President. He noted that the planned change of the current legislation did not require any of the nationwide vote. “But I thought it very important that the people expressed their direct relation to amendments,” Putin said.

OP Secretary Lidia Mikheeva recalled that while working on a new text of the Basic law, the house received 1.5 thousand proposals from citizens on the basis of which was formulated and submitted to the Duma on 18 “concrete amendments”. The voting from the OP will observe about half a million people — part person, the rest at home. “Developed “gold standard” of surveillance,” said Alexander Milicevic. At the current stage of its objective observers, he said, see how to debunk fakes and fears of particular concern for citizens, as you��dreamt that causes electronic voting. “I have to explain that technical progress does not stop. When the Luddites smashed the machines and all their Scarecrow” — cited argument that in the OP soothe anxious voters, Milicevic. “Once again I want to repeat that the current law did not require a vote but I thought it was extremely important back to your major thesis of this meeting Putin. — Therefore, the work should be organized at the highest level to make the results credible. It is absolutely fundamental thing.”

Following the example of the President, the other members of the discussion also have to say that first and foremost concerned about themselves. Thus, the rhythmic gymnastics coach Irina Viner has proposed to require developers in the construction of huge residential buildings to provide for normal sports infrastructure, not tiny ploshchadochki. “Then the children will grow people motivated to sports, not drugs and night clubs,” says Wiener. Grigory Sergeev from the center of the search for missing persons asked the President to accelerate the adoption of the bill, which will allow to determine the location of mobile phones of the missing and to initiate the creation of a Federal database of unidentified patients. “And how many people we have lost?” — asked Putin. And received the answer that the official data are classified. Approximately 80 to 100 thousand people a year and 10 thousand are not. “The pandemic will take less lives,” — said Sergeyev.

the General Director of the Museum of contemporary history of Russia Irina Velikanova has raised a sore for the President defending the historical truth about the war. “Everyone knows everything, but in books and in media promoting other ideas, with irritation, commented on her story of GDP. — What, it is not known who caused the nuclear strikes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Known! But in textbooks in Japan what you write? Allies! What allies? The allies had no nuclear weapons — it was only in the USA. Consistently, step by step to order, what’s not to like”.

in Addition to monitoring the voting process, he asked members of the OP not to stand aside from other important initiatives. The chamber, he said, could make suggestions on how to create a “transparent and completely understandable to citizens,” the mechanism of control over the distribution of funds will be obtained when the increase in the personal income tax rate from 13% to 15% on income above 5 million rubles “Control on your part and will require the implementation of a long-term plan of action for the recovery of the economy, business life and employment,” — said the President.