Recently, the President proposed a new package of measures. As many as 500. The experience is plump volumes 7-8 if with explanations and review. He was even more confused. Just noticed that, of course, will be acquainted. And that it will take two weeks. To say the least. If not distracted by anything else. How not to be distracted, when the whole country on his shoulders?

But think: is presidential whether this is generally the case in such books to dig? There is in fact a General rule: President to explore any topic more than two pages do not apply. May be another 3-4 pages of explanations, but this is undesirable. The President should only represent the very list the main tasks or goals. And guidance on the necessary means and actions by which these issues should be resolved.

Let’s try to imagine how it might look.

On the tasks. The first is the most obvious. This decrease the country’s dependence on hydrocarbon exports. Now it became clear that if we do not solve this problem, it is for us to solve our “friendly” partners and rivals. In what way can I solve this problem? Very simple: to establish that the share of commodities in GDP and exports of the country must annually be reduced. What money and effort we need to apply — see the Appendix.

the Second task is the adjustment of income. 1% they grow, most which year are falling, and this trend becomes directly threatening. Again the question — how? And there again the simple answer: to establish that the salaries of Ministers and deputies should not exceed five times the average income of the people. Explanations — look again in the app.

the Third task is to stimulate the growth of small and medium-sized businesses. Big business is almost entirely tied to the extraction of raw materials, and to stimulate it in General is not necessary. And in the production of the developed countries the share of small and medium business makes up 60% or more. It is obvious that we also need to aspire to.

the same question — how? And again, the simple answer: to ensure that the operators of these businesses had more cash and to were strongly stimulated to use these funds exclusively for the development and upgrading of local national production. Mechanisms to ensure success in this direction, see again the Appendix.

the Fourth task is a large project. The epic stadiums and amusement parks, apparently, ends, it is necessary to choose something more suitable. What projects now need to choose? The ones that are the most direct and immediate way will help us to solve the main problems of development of economy and improve the standard of living of the population. The experience of other countries is the development of a network of Federal highways. That creates the basis for the revival of economic life in the region, contribute��t efficient mobility of people and businesses and gives full load the fields of construction and engineering.

All the necessary specifics in the application.

And these one and a half pages — on the table of the President.

we Venture to predict his reaction.

For the first task: agree completely. But let’s make it concrete: each year the export of oil and gas should be reduced by 5%. Counting in tons and cubic meters. And, please, contact our forecast for financial results — how from these our actions can change the world price and the expected changes in our revenues. Will fall? How much? Maybe not fall — a reduction in supply because it may lead to higher prices?

For the second task: let it be to begin with the factor of 7, next year 6, and in the second year — 5. Difficult? But there are two ways to solve this issue: by raising average incomes and the other is also known. Here, the government has a choice. And we give him extra time for orientation in this situation.

And one more thing — you must do away with all these indexation, corrections, recalculations, etc. And this set the norm of zero inflation. And enter directly responsible for compliance with this standard. If any failure is immediate organizational measures.

On the third task. Reduce to a competitive level of tax burden on productive sectors of small and medium business, but not less than twice. Immediately. But this tax cut should not touch the trade and any kind of mediation, speculative activities.

On the fourth task: to find in the archives of the Soviet Gosplan promising scheme for the development of the road network and develop on this basis, and taking into account the current realities — the new development plan road type motorways, highways. To set the initial standard of construction of such roads 500 km per year for three years to bring it to not less than 1 thousand kilometers to Provide that the construction of these roads in the first year shall not be less than 60% be provided with domestic appliances and building materials. And for three years, this figure will need to be raised to 90%.

That’s about as, we believe, will react to President presented to it a specific task.

the solution to these problems is routine work of the government, and includes the efficient use of all available tools and resources. And the President is only connected if there is a need to coordinate the efforts of the state in General, or if something somewhere somehow doesn’t work and the government to cope with this situation can not.

And let us specify: the President and the country need not plans and strategies as such, but concrete results that significantly influence the development of the economyMickey and on society.

However, it is a utopia. Therefore, to discuss a new plan of government — a completely meaningless thing. Or it just will fail, as it was with all previous plans, or will be reduced to fit under a purely formal indicators of any real improvement in the economy, we will not give.