the Participants of all-Russia detsko-youthful movement “Uname” took part in the rally, which was held in the Main temple of the Russian Armed forces in the Park “Patriot”. Flashmob “Uname remember” is designed to attract the attention of Russian citizens to go to the Temple and the adjoining Museum complex “Road of memory”. The temple and Museum dedicated to the events of the great Patriotic War and the memory of the heroes and workers of rear. Its rooms preserve the monuments of history, letters and personal belongings of the war participants, as well as other unique exhibits.

the Best yunarmeytsy of Moscow and Moscow region held a flash mob at the Cathedral square of the Main Church of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation or, as it is called, of the Temple of Victory. The guys raised up the plate, which was piled the phrase “Uname remembers”.

According to the organizers of the flash mob, its purpose is to appeal to citizens of Russia and all who wish to visit the Main temple of the Russian Armed Forces and a Museum complex “Road of memory”, and also to pay tribute to the fallen war heroes. The participants were the first anarmani who were able to visit the Temple and Museum complex. In the future the complex is planned to conduct regular excursions for Junior military units.

the Main temple of the Armed forces, built on charitable donations, was opened to visitors on June 22, the anniversary of the great Patriotic War. To access the temple was assumed in the may 9 Victory Day, however, due to the epidemiological situation in the country, the ceremony had to be postponed. Adjacent to the Temple area opened a unique Museum complex “Road of memory”, a multimedia gallery which stores information about tens of millions of War heroes. The complex also includes the Museum halls dedicated to the events of the war. The Church was visited by President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Serbian Director Emir Kusturica.