They are willing to allocate for free but in most cases, those who simply is not even among the rural population.

against the background of crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus, authorities at the regional and municipal levels have begun to offer citizens free to use agricultural land under their own gardens. Such proposals have already been made in the Kostroma region, Tatarstan and Tver region. In the Kostroma region, where the initiative was voiced at the regional level, contributed most — from 2 thousand ha. this week there reported the first recipients. But in most cases, as it turned out, use the offers of the inhabitants are not in a hurry. Why free land remains unclaimed and can it be changed — in the article “Izvestia”.

the fact that in the Kostroma region to interested residents free of charge allocate land for planting vegetables, it became known in late April: an initiative was made by the head of the region.

“At the request of Governor Sergei Sitnikov municipal formation form the land plots for seasonal cultivation by the inhabitants of the region of potatoes and vegetables. This mechanism is designed as additional measures of support of the region’s citizens in dire economic situation in pandemic coronavirus”, — stated in the message published on the portal of public authorities of the Kostroma region.

as planned, area residents in need of additional land for the cultivation of potatoes and vegetables, can contact the local authorities to provide land for temporary use.

According to officials, to request the provision of land available to residents of the region regardless of income.

Only, as follows from the document published on the official government portal of the Kostroma region, the plots are provided in 17 of the 24 districts. Applications would be accepted till may 25.

Create the plots and to determine the order of their registration, the municipal authorities had by the beginning of may. View information about the land which can be rented for temporary use, on the sites of regional administrations.

How she must be willing to conduct agricultural work not specified, but States that in some cases help with the plowing in agreement with the administrations can have a local agricultural enterprise. They also allocate unused land of its funds.

— Only in the district of Kostroma citizens formed a land area of 400 hectares. By and large family, potatoes have 2-4, a maximum of six acres of land. But if someone wants, can get��th and 10 acres of land abound. Any there are no restrictions. To apply for a land can do everything, and the citizens and inhabitants of rural settlements, the official said.

at the same time, local officials reported providing temporary use of land for the first six claimants — they will get land in a village in the Kostroma district.

As the head of the rural settlement Karavaevskaya Elena Shilova, the earth will be prepared for planting with the cooperation of settlements, agricultural Academy and local businesses.

And very quickly found willing to plant potatoes. I think that people have not forgotten how to work the land and, of course, will be in demand. Because it’s still your product, grown with their own hands. This is a great help, almost for the whole winter, you can provide the family with potatoes, she said.

It also clarified that the land at the proposed sites is in various stages of readiness, but there are those where you begin planting right away. To qualify for the earth can only residents of a particular area.

Even earlier, a proposal to take land for temporary use, the authorities appealed to residents of Mamadyshsky district of Tatarstan, one of the largest on the territory of the Republic.

“This measure is undertaken including at the request of the residents of the area who said that in the current environment, would like to gardening and have additional sources of income”, — stated in the message published on the website of Mamadyshsky municipal district on April 23.

Just for these purposes has been allocated 20 hectares of land, which is municipal property, as emphasized in the administration of the Mamadysh there goes the city bus is an abandoned Soviet-era gardens.

Originally the administration said that to accept applications until may 5, and may 9, promised to plow the earth to prepare it for planting.

the Proposal was designed for the residents of the area do not have their own gardens. Most of the people living there in the private sector, but there are about 120 apartment buildings — speech first of all went about their inhabitants. One person was planned to allocate about 10 acres. Wednesday, 13 may, “Izvestiya” in the administration explained that complaints in the end “was not so much”.

We, in General, assumed it would be. We have the agricultural district, and even among those who live in tenement houses, many still have their own gardens or plots of relatives, — tell in administration.

With a similar initiative on the eve of may holidays was made by the administration of rural POSbalance Kablukovo in the Tver region.

— We have formed a plot with an area of 1 ha (yet) in the savvat’evo and are willing to provide those wishing to organize his garden. 6-8 acres. Help with plowing and seeds guarantee, — wrote the head of the rural settlement of George Chetverkin group settlement in Facebook.

the Proposal was addressed not only to local residents but to everyone, including the residents of the rural settlement is located almost on the border with the Moscow region. But there willing to the middle of may was collected a little. Applications for land ownership was written by four people: two locals and two from Tver, said George Chetverkin “news”.

In the near future, such a measure is unlikely to be in demand, specifies in conversation with “Izvestia” Director of the agrarian policy of the HSE Yevgeny Serov. Affects the current regime of self-isolation, during which many people simply do not understand how to get to the site and how to cultivate, and no real possibility to get it from those for whom such measures are calculated first.

— the Middle class to cultivate the land will not go — the shortage of food there, so if a person has the opportunity, he will be easier to make these vegetables to buy.

the Initiative with the distribution of land may not have wide demand because the majority of the population, especially in rural areas, and so have private areas, says the Director of research centre of agri-food policy Institute for applied economic research (IPEA) of Ranepa by Natalia shagaida.

— in our country almost all families have summer cottages, garden and gardens. In extreme cases, they have parents of young families. Citizens enshrined in the form of plots for private farming, more than 13 million hectares In these areas in 2019 was grown more than 28% of the agricultural production of the country. Many continue to feed from your garden or suburban area. The share of own products in the diet of families in potato — an average of about 44%, vegetables — 28%, berries, fruit — 13%. Rural residents 69% eat “your” potatoes, 49% — “their” vegetables, she says.

According to the agricultural census, provided to the citizens of the 13 million hectares by the mid-2010s has not been used in about 1.5 million hectares — and most likely, it was about these people first of all remember in a difficult situation. At the same time, according to the interlocutor of the edition, the pandemic experience showed the value of having land of their own — not only as a support in the economic crisis, but also as a “reserve airfield” in the conditions of self-isolation.

In the Kostroma region, where participants��and offer is strictly for the season, as he wrote to local media, the mistrust people have called this short period of time — they pointed out that in one season more effort it will take to cultivation of land, which then will have to give.

“And before the plow, you need to uproot. No sane businessman will not allow fields that are cultivated under this nonsense,” wrote one user in the social network of the local newspaper.

But if in the Kostroma region, the issue of the property are clearly spelled out — she on the ground will not be issued in Tatarstan it is left open. Formally, now the plots are transferred temporarily, but if it turns out that people want to continue, the regional authorities are ready to consider the options. There do not exclude that after the first five participants will work on their plots, there will be a second wave of appeals — “people will simply see that the earth really is.”

Although those on his garden seriously thinks that such a proposal rather serves as an extra incentive to eventually buy their own land and to invest in him, believe in the administration of Mamadyshsky district.

— At least of those who spoke to us first, we then phoned again and they said they just eventually bought the land or building, — explain in administration.

as the operational support to the affected categories are much more viable now may become a delivery of food packages or food stamps. On the other hand, emphasizes Eugenia Serova, the distribution of land may be relevant in the medium term — on the background of the recolonization of rural areas, which, most likely, will follow a pandemic.

Such measures may become an additional stimulus for the middle class, gradually settled was not safe enough cities, and focus, according to the expert, in this case it is better to have this group.