the day coronavirus COVID-19 was recorded 176 568 times. The total number of cases exceeded 10 million, reaching 10 087 553. In the first place by the number of cases as during the pandemic, and the day, is the United States of America. Russia, remaining in third place by the total number of cases, the increase was at the fifth after the US, Brazil, India and South Africa.

In Russia the number of cases of coronavirus amounted to 627 646, yesterday an increase of 6 852. During the pandemic died 8 969 patients recovered 393 352.

the Suburban oberstab published data on city districts of the Moscow region yesterday.

Current information on all regions of Russia and other countries is shown in interactive map Yandex.

In USA the number of cases was 2 537 596, during the day, an increase of 43 581. Died 128 of the 152 patients, recovered 1 081 437. In Brazil the number of cases increased by 35 887, amounting to 1 315 941. 57 103 patients died, recovered 715 905. In India during the pandemic was recorded 529 577 of cases (20 of 131 per night), died 16 103 recovered 310 146 patients. The number of new cases in South Africa made up of 7 210. During a pandemic, the country recorded 131 800 cases 413 2 patients died, 67 094 recovered.

Brazil made a deal with the UK (being in the first place by the number of cases of coronavirus among Western European countries) for the production of vaccines against coronavirus, which was developed by the University of Oxford.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal urged local authorities to restrict the work of Nightclubs on the background of the pandemic coronavirus.