During the pandemic in the world recorded 3 470 277 cases of coronavirus COVID-19. 243 966 patients died, 1 114 164 recovered. Only in six countries the increase per day was more than two thousand: these were the US, Russia, UK, Spain, India and Peru.

As before, USA is in first place in the number of cases COVID-19, ahead of any other country, at least several times. The country recorded 1 154 931 cases and 67 deaths 099, has recovered 181 170 patients.

Spain yesterday became the fourth country in the world after the United States, Italy and the UK, where the number of victims COVID-19 exceeded 25 thousand, it increased by 276 and amounted to 25 100. The number of cases of coronavirus, the country remains in second place in the world during the pandemic, he was diagnosed with 245 567 times, including 2 588 per day. 146 233 patients recovered.

In Italy recorded fewer new cases (+1 900), than in Spain, however, the number of new deaths (+474), the country came third in the world after the USA and the UK. Only in Italy the coronavirus was diagnosed with 209 328 patients 28 710 of them died, 79 914 recovered.

UK it remains in fourth place in the number of cases of coronavirus (of182 260) and third in number of deaths (28 131). At the same time the number of deaths per day (+621), the country “lost” only the United States, and the increase in incidence (+4,806) – the United States and Russia.

In fifth place is France there 168 396, 24 760 patients died, 50 562 recovered. The increase observed is relatively small (by the standards of countries, where the total number exceeded 100 thousand), however, for the first four days it exceeded a thousand, amounting to 1 050.

In Russia during the pandemic recorded 124 054 occasion. Yesterday the country was in seventh place in the world, but then again a few ahead of Turkey (where, however, recorded a much smaller increase). 1 222 patients died, 15 013 recovered. Yesterday the number of infections increased by 9 623 – this number was significantly less than in USA, but substantially more than all other countries. The amount held in Russia and the test is around 4 million.

one day in Moscow has died the 34 patients who tested positive for the coronavirus and confirmed pneumonia.

details of the situation in the regions of Moscow suburbs as of yesterday published oberstab Moscow region.

interactive map Yandex provides current information for all regions of Russia and other countries.

In a press-service of the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov said that in the Moscow region with ��maintenance regime of compulsory wearing of personal protective equipment (i.e. 12 may), passengers will be able to use public transport only in the presence of masks.