Coronavirus in the world was recorded 5 792 989 times, including 106 475 times a day. 357 of 480 patients died, 2 499 151 recovered By the total number of cases continues to “lead” US, in terms of growth per day in the first place came Brazil. Russia is in third place in both measures.

the Number of cases in Russia made 370 680, including 8 338 yesterday. The country recorded 968 3 deaths from coronavirus, 142 of the 208 patients have recovered.

In Moscow, the number of deaths among people with the coronavirus and confirmed pneumonia increased by 71 per day recovered 3 793 patient.

Current information throughout Russia, and other countries represented in the interactive map Yandex.

In USA the number of cases was 1 745 803, an increase of 20 546. Yesterday, California became the fourth U.S. state after new York, new Jersey and Illinois, where it exceeded 100 thousand. During the pandemic in the country died 102 107 patients, recovered 490 130.

Brazil became the second country in the world where the coronavirus has been recorded more than 400 thousand times. The number of cases increased 22 301, to 414 661. The growth rate of per day in the first place was Brazil, and for the first time since March – not the United States. The number of deaths in Brazil has exceeded 25 thousand, an increase of 1 148, accounting for 25 697.

In India recorded 7 293 new cases (of158 086 during the pandemic), in Peru – 6 154 (of135 905 during the pandemic). In other countries the increase was less than 5 thousand.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin instructed to return to the normal operating mode five thousand hospital beds, given to patients with coronavirus. Earlier in the meeting with the mayor on the proposal made by President Vladimir Putin.

About one in four confident that the pandemic COVID-19 was the invention of “stakeholders”. These data showed a poll conducted by the Directorate for expert analytical work of the HSE.