Coronavirus COVID-19 was the second time during the pandemic there were more than 100 thousand times. A significant proportion of new cases occur in the US and Brazil. The total number of cases during the pandemic exceeded 5 million (5 090 157), and number recovered 2 million (2 024 329). Died of coronavirus 329 739 patients in serious condition are 45 796.

In Russia the number of cases has reached 308 705, 2 972 patients have died, 85 392 recovered. Yesterday the increase was 8 764, the first being less than the number of cases of recovery.

On the interactive map Yandex you can see the actual data for all regions of Russia and other countries.

USA remains in first place in the number of cases, significantly ahead of all other countries – coronavirus it was recorded 1 592 723 times, including 22 140 per day. Died 94 936 patients recovered 370 076.

Brazil came in third place in the total number of cases reported (293 357), and the growth is almost on par with the United States (21 472). In the country from the coronavirus died 18 894 (including 911 per day), and recovered 116 683 of the patient.

In fourth place in the growth turned out to be India, where the coronavirus was recorded 5 553 times per day and 112 028 during the pandemic. 3 434 patients died, 45 recovered 422.

yesterday, Peru became the twelfth country where the number of cases exceeded 100 thousand (amounting to 104 020) and chili – the eighteenth country where this number was above 50 thousand (reaching 53 617).

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov in an interview to American broadcaster CNBC has denied Western press, according to which in Russia understate the death rates from coronavirus.