the Number of cases of coronavirus COVID-19 in the world, increased by 179 718 (during the pandemic, the increase was higher only once) and was 9 714 860. 491 856 patients died, 5 250 087 recovered. The leaders of both the number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic, and the day, the US and Brazil.

the Number of recorded cases of coronavirus in Russia amounted to 613 994. Died 8 605 patients recovered 375 164.

Oberstab Moscow region presented data on city districts of the Moscow region yesterday.

the latest information on all regions of Russia and other countries can be seen on the interactive map Yandex.

In USA the number of cases of coronavirus, has exceeded 2.5 million, amounting to 2 504 588. Growth per day was equal to 40 184. During the pandemic died 126 780 patients recovered 1 052 293.

In Brazil the increase was 40 673, and the total number of cases 1 233 147. Died 55 054 patient recovered 649 908.

In India the number of new cases per day was the highest since the start of the pandemic, 18 185. The country coronavirus was recorded 491 170 times.

In Mexico the number of cases increased by 5 437 for yesterday and 6 for today’s 104. The country became the eleventh in the world where the total number exceeded 200 thousand — it was 202 951. 25 060 patients died, 116 862 recovered. For the growth of the country yesterday, was in fifth place in the world after Brazil, USA, India, Russia and South Africa.

Director, regional office for Europe, world health organization Hans Kluge said that for two weeks in 30 European countries an increase in the number of new cases of coronavirus COVID-19, and 11 of them could resume the epidemic.

the Minister of Finance of Mexico Arturo Herrera said in his microblog on Twitter that he recorded a coronavirus.

the Government of the U.S. state of Oregon decided early release from prison of 57 inmates in connection with the spread of coronavirus.