a day in the world of recorded 107 716 cases of coronavirus COVID-19 – the second day in a row this number is highest for a pandemic. For the growth, well ahead of other countries, leading countries are the USA and Brazil, followed by Russia and India. The first time China reported no new cases and no deaths per day. Total worldwide number of cases of coronavirus reached 5 306 237. 340 047 patients died, 2 160 159 recovered.

In Russia coronavirus was recorded 326 448 times. 3 249 patients died, 99 825 recovered.

one day in Moscow has died the 67 patients with the coronavirus and confirmed pneumonia. The number of cases of recovery in a day made 3 831.

Operational headquarters in Moscow region has published in social networks information on city districts of the Moscow region.

the latest information on all regions of Russia and other countries, can be found on the interactive map Yandex.

In USA during the pandemic recorded 1 645 094 of the case, including 24 197 per day. Only new York account 367 936 — more than any country except the USA (although the rate of growth in this already much lower than in many countries). Among patients with coronavirus in the United States died 97 647. The number of cases recovery has exceeded 400 thousand, amounting to 403 201.

Brazil came in second place in the world — it COVID-19 was recorded 330 890 times (19 969 per day). 048 21 patients died, 135 430 recovered.

In Spain the number of new cases for the first five days exceeded a thousand, and amounted to 1 787. Also, the country reported 688 deaths — this number did not exceed 500 per day for more than a month. In total, the country recorded 281 904 of the case of coronavirus, 28 628 patients died, 196 958 recovered.

In Moscow from may 23 will be cancelled electronic access, said the Governor Andrei Vorobyov in Instagram.

the Government of the U.S. state of new York eased restrictions against coronavirus and were allowed to gather in groups of up to 10 persons.