the story of the removal from the program Nikita Mikhalkov with conspiracy crackdown on bill gates wanting to take over the world, came out very noisy. For this noise out of sight fell out most importantly is actually, patented gates “with the number 666”? But the idea contained in the patent that you found and translated, indeed, brilliant. And it really is a digital slavery. However, voluntary slavery. But to abandon him too hard.

Nikita “besogon” in the program mixed together everything that is possible: and the number 666, and chipping through vaccinations (the gates Foundation is sponsoring the development of vaccines), and cryptocurrency and the secret world government. However, if you remove the tinfoil hat, you can see a grain of truth.

so, Microsoft technology licensing, LLC do 26 Mar 2020 received a patent number WO/2020/060606. It is published on the website of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) – world intellectual property organization. Since the number 666 you’ve already seen and the conclusions made, move on.

the Patent is called “Cryptocurrency system using the body activity data,” which can be translated as “Cryptocurrency system that uses data on physical activity of the body.”

the essence of the idea. The patent is described as follows: “the Activity of the human body that is associated with the user task can be used in the process of mining cryptocurrency”. If you translate the technical description into everyday language, then it looks pretty simple.

There are you (the user), there is a sensor that secures your activity (for example, a fitness bracelet) is your device (e.g. phone), sending data to the server, where the “mined” cryptocurrency. If the data about your activity satisfy the conditions laid cryptocurrency system, it is, as stated in the patent, can “reward cryptocurrency user.”

an Important point. It’s not just about physical activity. It is proposed, for example, be measured using sensors of magnetic resonance imaging blood flow in the brain to identify areas of excitation and thus to determine what visual information do you respond (in the patent there is a link to relevant studies, University of Berkeley).

That is, the sensors can be very diverse, up to implantable chips. Here, by the way, the conspiracy and the idea of chipping through vaccines. It is unclear why so complicated? What prevents to push the nanite chip in a bottle of vodka or a marinade sauce?

as devices to transmit data to the server in the patent are not only phones, tablets, laptops, but also smart watches and smart TV.

output — impossibly attractive design. Just like in advertising, which remember�� the older generation: “We sit, and money go”. Nothing to do — signed up on the system, put smart watches, live as usual and earn.

There is, however, one caveat — only rewards “the activity of the human body that is associated with the user task”. Looked OK system a is received cryptocracy, bought an approved system thing — got two, left the house in an approved system, the time you criptural. But not make one, and how to refuse? The more that is kind of useful, and necessary thing to sit at home (e.g. quarantine) authorities recommended. Hello. You’re running, although apparently free and independent.

you can Get anyone don’t have to. One-third of the world’s population already voluntarily lives according to the rules dictated by Facebook — as of January this year, the number of users of this service amounted to more than 2.5 billion people. Just a checkbox in the user agreement set, forgetting the axiom: if you offer something for free, it means that the product is you. They all volunteered to get interested in their advertising, they are interested in news. What they are interested in — define the algorithms of the network. Surely you have noticed that after a number of search queries you start to display ads on that topic. You went to another country — advertising in FB on your phone has become local. So we formed our consumer behavior.

Life is increasingly moving to the web, we have one foot in bondage. According to the research company “еMarketer” in 2020, the time spent per day person for digital devices, almost on par with a working day — 7 hours 31 min (data for USA). For the year, they increased by almost an hour. Digital addiction has contributed to the international classification of diseases, in the same section that alcoholism and drug addiction.

So that is patented by Microsoft, the idea is bound to be implemented. Quietly, quietly, without fuss. And people are happy freebie, you will start voluntarily cling to electronic collars. The experience of social networks confirms this.

And now for the conspiracy theories! Hosted by Mikhalkov noise helped to distract attention from the patent WO/2020/060606 made treats him lightly. Maybe Nikita in actual fact the gates work?