From may 3, Khasavyurt was another city in Dagestan, who decided almost completely closed from the outside world because of the threat of coronavirus. Even within a locality has banned the movement of any vehicle not belonging to emergency services. People are urged to treat the decision with the understanding and they, in turn, hope that the tightening of the regime will last only until the end of may holidays.

For many of these new rules was an unpleasant surprise. Residents are wondering how now to get to work for those who still work and cannot perform their duties remotely? Apparently, doctors, police, firefighters, employees of grocery stores, pharmacies have to use a taxi. At least the locals say that this is the only form of transport that is still affordable to mere mortals. While the taxi drivers themselves say that they had hard times. The number of customers decreased by approximately 80%, and permits issued prior to the closing of the city zeroed out and now the drivers drive at your own risk. Perhaps the taxi drivers also stopped to work, but then they would be left without money.

the Khasavyurt lies on the border with Chechnya, he through the car ride to Stavropol and Makhachkala. Because of this, there is formed a large shopping center. And now the closure of the markets was a real blow for the locals – the city is deserted.

But the Khasavyurt is not the first closed city. Earlier it was restricted to Makhachkala and other large settlements. Russian President Vadimir Putin said that the regions themselves should determine for themselves the methods of dealing with the coronavirus, and the authorities of Dagestan decided to give the option strategy, the heads of districts. Accordingly, each decides for himself when and how to restrict people’s freedom.

“In Khasavyurt, said a very nasty situation, it is completely covered by One village… in Gergebilsky area affected by the epidemic. Many cases of community-acquired pneumonia, which is most likely “Covina”. There are dead. Reliable statistics are not. The situation with health care is deplorable,” – explains to the correspondent of “MK” resident of Dagestan.

who Wished to remain anonymous editor as one of the Dagestan Newspapers admitted “MK” that, in his opinion, the authorities have largely missed the boat. “The Republican leadership decided early on to keep silent about the coronavirus, giving the initiative to users of social networks. They still publish only the dry figures, without explaining the danger of coronavirus, how successful is the fight where there are problems. These gaps are filled by rumors and fakes. For example, the first Dagestanis did not believe in coronavirus, and now some say that the government especially with him not fighting to thin out the population,” – said the journalist.

Dagestan, the leader of the spread of coronavirus in the North Caucasus. However, many residents of the Republic believe that the number of infected and dead is artificially understated. In particular, there is a surge of pneumonia, but in most cases it does not belong to the coronavirus. For example, regularly about the death of their employees from pneumonia according to the interior Ministry of Dagestan. The coronavirus was sick abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, father of the champion of UFC Habib Nurmagomedov, and the mufti of Dagestan Akhmad Abdulaev with his entire family.

And yet panic not much reformatted the way of life of the people. First, the police fined only those offenders isolation, which revealed a coronavirus. Secondly, the police thoroughly checks cars at the entrance to the closed city, but not public transport, so buses in the morning and evening , usually Packed. Third, in the region of the bad regime is observed isolation. For example, in Kaspiysk families go to playgrounds, none of which closed. All the yards full. No one observes the distance to the shops, most not wearing a mask and so on. However, mass prayers still remained in the past, to the funeral, too, dozens of people do not go.