Blocking of industry and public life as a result of the pandemic coronavirus loss costs 60 euros per day for each inhabitant of Germany. As a result, the country is gradually sinking into recession. To such conclusion the Professor of international economy University named after Heinrich Heine in düsseldorf Jens Sudekum.

According to estimates by researcher the week of lockdown costs the economy about 35 billion euros a week. Therefore, you lose about five billion a day, or an average of 60 euros per person. “The first forecasts in connection with the coronavirus that were made, were too optimistic. The situation has been changing dramatically. It is clear that we are experiencing the worst recession since the end of world war II,” said Bild broadcast Live Sudekum.

the scientists believe that evidence of the negative processes is the spring forecast of the Ministry of economy of Germany on GDP for the year due to coronavirus more than 6.3 percent. It is expected even more severe economic downturn than during the global financial crisis a decade ago.

the pre-Crisis level of the economy is likely again to be achieved in 2022. To eliminate the effects of the crisis, the government plans to Finance a volume of 150 billion euros, concluded Professor Sudekum.