Published report to Stalin about Hitlers suicide

the report of Marshal Georgy Zhukov, the Supreme commander of the armed forces of the USSR to Joseph Stalin about the suicide of the führer of the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler. About it writes RIA Novosti, citing the Russian military historical society (RVIA).

the report contains data Zhukova organs of “SMERSH” of the 79th infantry corps of the 3rd shock army of the suicide of Hitler and Reich Minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels. The information was based on the testimony of captured serving personnel.

They said that Hitler committed suicide April 30, but the place of burial of the body wasn’t known to them, and Goebbels and his wife committed suicide on 1 may in an underground shelter under the Reichstag. “No corpses are discovered, but in the office of Goebbels found a folder with various documents”, — said Zhukov to Stalin.

Besides, according to Zhukov, at the same time, steps were taken to detect the place of residence of Hitler in the recent and detailed study of all information in his suicide.

In may of last year were the documents published by the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) about the escape of Hitler. They elaborated upon the theory that the Fuhrer of the Third Reich was to escape from the besieged Berlin, thanks to the double who took his place. In documents it is said that a man claimed to have seen Hitler alive in Argentina Buenos Aires in the early 1950-ies. He also said that the Fuhrer has undergone plastic surgery for rejuvenation of the appearance.