the network has pictures of the new chairs of the aircraft, which could reduce the spread of coronavirus infection and to protect passengers during a pandemic. Related pictures published by CNN.

a Project called Zephyr Seat, in particular, involves placing the two-storey cabin seats for their add-ins can be used space in the overhead shelves. In such a duplex configuration of the airline will be able to maintain the same density of Seating, and at the present time.

the author of the project was designer Jeffrey O’neil (Jeffrey O’neill). “We believe that in the future travelers will particularly need privacy, and they will be willing to pay for it as much as would pay for the ability to comfortably sleep,” he said.

we Know that the idea is in the development stage, the product will undergo testing for safety.

June 5 was presented to the new configuration of seats for aircraft, which helps to comply with the requirements of social distance in the process of air travel during a pandemic coronavirus. So, the construction involves a kind of vertical protrusion-divider between the seats at the window and aisle instead of another seat in the middle. It helps to increase the distance between the travelers.