In the U.S. city of beaumont, Texas, the mailman solved the mystery found in the river bottle with a note, dated 1989. About it reports UPI.

a Couple of guys at the age of seven and eight years old caught from the river the Neches glass bottle with a letter 30 years ago. The message included the name and address of the sender. Enlisting the help of relatives, the boys tried to find the author of the letter, but soon found out that the specified address is not on the map.

the Postman with big seniority helped young Americans to solve the mystery of the message. He said that noted in note, the address is actually no longer exists, however the house is still standing, and it is inhabited.

Thanks to the mailman, the guys managed to contact the author of the letter Makhalina Clifton (Clifton McGallion). He said that about 30 years ago he and his son left these bottles with messages when I go out fishing.

Earlier it was reported about the inhabitant of Taiwan, who discovered a bottle with a letter from the Kaliningrad Museum of the World ocean 25 years later after it was thrown into the water. The man found a message in the water near the island of Orchids during the boat races in which his team won.