How to survive a pandemic without increasing the degree, and not just anxiety? She can and should oppose? The discussion with the chief psychiatrist of the Kemerovo region and the Siberian Federal district Andrey Lopatin and head of the Kemerovo “hotline”, the psychologist Olga Ruble.

Andrey, is the number of calls to your service?

Yes: a Surge in visits and phone calls, especially regarding alcoholic psychosis and other related drinking phenomena we observe.

– Isolation- serious psychological, even psychic test. Alcoholism – not the first step that people usually do when there is something new, unfamiliar, disturbing and dangerous.

If, while in isolation, one begins to daily connect with green snake is very dangerous. On the one hand, trapped within four walls, working remotely, should prevail positive emotions. But alcohol is clearly not an adaptogen, which in this case is needed. Once you start regularly hitting the bottle and getting the pleasures will be confined to her alone. Everything else for alcohol, which has a strong euphoric effect, simply can not keep up. It will seem dull, boring and uninteresting, and even cause irritation and aggression.

All this can be observed during the Christmas holidays, when people drink, overeat and don’t move at all. The result of this “mikrosamolete” – hypertensive crises, heart attacks, cholecystitis, pancreatitis and so on.

whether alcohol Increases the risk of Contracting coronavirus?

Yes: sighting This virus affects the lung tissue, and most of the alcohol is eliminated through the lungs, making them more vulnerable.

Surfactant surfactant lining the lung alveoli, is produced in the liver. And toxic effects of alcohol on the liver reduces the production of this anti-bacterial substance, decreasing the protective function of lung tissue. Have a history of alcohol abuse (and statistics confirm this) all types of pneumonia often develop.

no Wonder the number of territories now impose additional restrictions on time, place of sale, quantity of alcohol. And beer – including. Consider that, amid regime isolation, it would be useful to do in Kuzbass, despite the different legislative obstacles.

And beer?

Yes: Think now it would be quite appropriate to toughen the regime for the sale of beer. Not so serious this would be a gap in the budget against the background of existing economic and financial problems.

Losses incurred coronavirus to public health, of course, exceed the financial aspects of revenue to sell beer in R��snizu. A sober person is still more than adequate, competent. And, by the way, more adaptive, in terms of exit from the isolation. This is also a serious problem.

If the time of validity of a special regime will last, in healthy people (such priori more) will automatically begin to include a healthy compensatory mechanisms.

With the drinking man and the isolation is not easy.

full speed Use pseudocrenilabrus property of alcohol for adaptation to a special mode – non-constructive way, with negative consequences for health and for the psyche.

And live with that person, as you rightly pointed out, but still in isolation is a very serious challenge for his family. A painful, negative atmosphere will contribute to the development of psychosomatic, neurotic and other disorders.

Olga Petrovna, who and what matters most treats today on your “trust”?

Rublev: the Number of calls remained the same from 70 to 80 per day. However, the structure: cases from the children markedly diminished.

it is Likely that parents who stay mostly at home on remote, have the opportunity to control their children. The reduction in the number of children’s cases kompensiruet calls from anxious-hypochondriac callers who are afraid to be infected by the coronavirus, losing a job, not to pay off the loan, do not obtain social support.

What’s worse: having a panic attack or a complete denial of the danger of coronavirus?

Olga Rubleva: Any extreme is always bad. The best middle ground, and when man does not panic, but at the same time behaving responsibly, observing certain rules.

And panic and total denial of the danger, there is one common quality: both these conditions are contagious. And those dangerous to others.

the Denial of a crisis situation – one of the most powerful of psychological defenses. It is almost impossible to “break”, even citing the facts and rational arguments. If it is easier to survive the situation, so be it. No need to “climb out of” trying to change his mind. This can cause people even more settled in his position.

But when periodically pursues a pathological fear, a feeling of inner tension and anxiety, which is almost impossible to control, it is necessary to seek the advice of a specialist.

for Those who have a similar condition occurred for the first time, I advise you to pay attention to your breath. Try to breathe smoothly and steadily. Focus and breathe according to this scheme: the account “two” – breath, “two” – breath, on the count of three and exhale to the account of “times” – delay. Repeat at least five times.

put the focus on the body��tion of feelings and unpleasant thoughts to external reality (count buttons on clothes of the person or the Windows in the house opposite, remember birth dates of their loved ones, and so on). Try to create yourself physical comfort: sit down (or better – to lie down), stay warm – RUB your hands or drink hot tea, wash your face with water.

without sad consequences to themselves and others to experience the isolation and other restrictions?

Olga Rubleva: a Forced stay in a confined space for all family members does not always cause positive emotions. If it is a long, accumulated fatigue from each other, especially if each of the households do not have personal space and privacy.

to avoid an explosion of emotion, you need to create the opportunity for at least an hour a day. Even if the dwelling does not, you can just sit in the corner of the sofa and read a book, take a relaxing bath or shower. Importantly, at this point, no one person “pulled”, and everything behaved as if it is missing. And then people will be glad to return to the family circle.

you Can use spontaneous time for self-education and self-development. Who knows when another opportunity presents itself? Make a list of your desires and write a plan for their implementation (of course, adjusted to the isolation). If your time will be well spent, you will then feel a sense of frustration, stagnation and even of guilt.

aggression is a hidden way of expressing the same anxiety and fear. Therefore, in order to compensate for the aggressive behavior, it is better to subject it to verbal analysis. This will help to translate the irrational emotions into rational plane.

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