project #Myvote continues – volunteers will assist seniors with delivery of products and drugs as long as the country is not fully cope with the threat of the spread of coronavirus. But it is obvious that the number of applications from elderly citizens of St. Petersburg will quickly subside. So, we can draw some conclusions of the work of the promotion of mutual assistance.

the Project broke the stereotype that volunteering is a lot of students. The desire to help seniors in the difficult period brought together people of different ages, professions, beliefs and social statuses. A businessman in an expensive car driven by her grandmother milk and curd “in stock”, accountant ring up drugstores in search of preferential medicines, the Professor goes to the other end of the city to procure for the applicant a rare water filter – all ordinary scenes.

Apparently, the fact that the call to join the campaign #Myvote came all away from public Services. For those who at the time of the pandemic are left without regular work, it was a great opportunity to change activities and to feel useful. Most volunteered for the first time. And I got very excited. Volunteers quickly spilled beyond the simple delivery of food and medicine.

Initially, the volunteers were pleased and grandparents delicious surprises – if you’ve seen that the applicant is clearly in misery, reported in the package of food Goodies from myself. Then began to solve everyday problems, discussing the specific problem of the pensioner in chat and skydives money. One grandmother bought a king – size bed and a hot plate, and the third wheelchair, the fourth – month supply of essential drugs, whose benefits in the pharmacies did not have… In each district of the Northern capital there are many such examples.

Then all went Petersburger Dmitry Glebov. He created his own project – “the hardy boys 2.0”. As Dmitry a professional Builder, and to help those in need he decided that she knows best. His team of associates brings order to shelter those who can not afford even a simple cosmetic repair. Moreover, among the beneficiaries as seniors, and, for example, a young man with cerebral palsy and a single mother.

Many of those who made his first foray into volunteering with surprise and delight I learned that to help – nice and easy, and a simple “thank you” sometimes inspires more than a financial reward. Now they join other volunteer projects to continue to support those who need it. And some lonely old people no longer alone – for the last two months they had “their” volunteers, who won’t leave them and after the pandemic.

And this, in my opinion, the most important result of the project #Myvote.


According to the operational Smolny, volunteers project #Myvote performed 18428 applications of Petersburgers over 65 years in isolation.

a single reference line for issues related to mers in Saint-Petersburg: 122.

to Leave the application to receive volunteer help by phone 8-800-200-34-11, and with the help of mobile applications “onf.Help.”

the Information service system of social protection of population of St. Petersburg: (812) 241-20-57.

hotline city volunteers in St. Petersburg: (812) 245-32-20.