A citizen of Russia Stanislav Lisov, who served in the US sentence on charges of fraud on Tuesday needs to fly home from new York export flight "Aeroflot", told the RIA Novosti news Lisova lawyer Arkady Bukh.

"We said goodbye at the airport, aircraft should fly to 6 PM… If no surprises we are not satisfied with any of these services at the time of boarding, and is although rare, but it happens, I hope that everything will be fine," said Boo.

He said that thanks to the joint efforts Lisov only a few days had to stay in immigration jail pending deportation, although such an expectation can last for months.

According to Buch, the deportation procedure provides that the foxes will remain under arrest until the moment when it will be transferred to the Russian authorities. He doesn’t know if will fly with lisovyk agent American law enforcement, as it usually happens in the case of deportation after serving his sentence.

"We agreed to get together to raise a toast… to a normal homecoming," said Boo.

"Very good work was done by the Russian Embassy, we are very grateful to them, they are all perfectly coordinated. We were also lucky with the immigration officer, he was a normal person, helped us, played up to him quickly sent", – said the lawyer.

The court in new York sentenced programmer Lisova in November 2019, to four years imprisonment for stealing more than 850 thousand dollars from accounts in us banks with "Trojan" NeverQuest and attempted to steal another $ 4.4 million. The court credited Lisov period of detention from January 2017, when he was arrested in Spain. Lisova extradited to the US in January 2018. Lisova sentenced to a fine of almost 500 thousand dollars.