Prince Harry has missed the UK and wanted to go home, as it felt unnecessary at the new location. This publication reports the Daily Star.

35-year-old Prince Harry and his 38-year-old wife Megan Markle along with a year-old son Archie moved to Los Angeles, California, in late March, before that they lived in Canada. According to the publication, the Duke Sasexe suffered a hard move. His girlfriend, Jane Goodall, told reporters that he “finds a new life a bit difficult.”

Thursday, may 7, according to sources, Prince Harry allegedly complained to friends that he misses the army and feels that “his whole life was turned upside down”. He added that he may not be aware of all changes that occurred since the refusal of the Royal prerogatives.

Richard Fitzwilliams many years brooding over the lives of members of the Royal family told the paper that Prince Harry may feel in a new place useless.

“Harry, no doubt, happy to be with Megan and Archie, but if all the recent posts — this is true, then some part of him eager to return home,” — said the journalist.

Fitzwilliams said that the Duke of Sussex with nothing to do, as the pandemic is in the early stages of his personal project is a sports competition for veterans Invictus — was cancelled, and the launch of joint with his wife charitable Foundation postponed.

“He likes to do something useful and goes all in. And in Hollywood now he has no opportunity to do something that could help people, especially ordinary people,” explained Explorer.

1 April Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has ceased to perform the duties of the members of the British Royal family. In the next 12 months they will be able to count on the help of his father Harry, Prince Charles, who will pay the cost of his son and daughter from his personal funds.

January 8 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced the refusal of the title of members of the Royal family, retaining the titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They said that in the future I plan to refuse funding from the state budget and become financially independent.

After that,January 10, Markle flew to Canada. Prince Harry spent January and February traveling. He was visiting family in Canada, and then back to the UK for the preparation of relocation and participation in various Royal events.