Writer Zakhar Prilepin reminded about the Ukrainian managers of Facebook in connection with the removal of pictures, which depicted the Victory Banner over the Reichstag.

Prilepin, whose words are given on the website of the onf (the writer is a member of the Central headquarters of the popular front), believes that “the struggle of the “civilized European” world against Russia, “against the values not even the Russian world, not Russian Victory, but the normal human values have gotten to the point of absurdity”.

He said that some “forces” in Europe “hated the very idea that Russian can free humanity which could liberate humanity from the worst of the infection, it hurts”.

The writer noted that Russia is now in a situation with coronavirus “reveals itself as quite stable from the point of view of economic, social structure”, and “forces” in Europe “is particularly frustrating raising the status of our statehood, economy, military force”.

In his opinion, this explains the “total rage” and Facebook, whose “control of the Russian segment of the Russian-speaking Ukrainian managers”. And the “natives of Kiev, supporters of Ukrainian independence square it’s a painful subject, they install directly on this issue,” said Park.

Victory Day Facebook started to block users for posting photos of the Victory banner over the Reichstag. The company claims that this happened because errors of automated tools.

The activists of the popular front “has launched a challenge in support of the Victory banner” in Facebook. The message on the website front is accompanied by the hashtag #sublatitudinal and the #will paradontological.