MOSCOW, may 24 — RIA Novosti. Producer Joseph Prigozhin has criticized singers Sergei Shnurov and Gregory Leps, for their reaction to his words about the “monstrous position” artists.

“Cord — clean water hypoor. Here I want to tell you, I am ashamed of today’s workshop,” said the producer of TV channel “360”.

According to him, replying to his statement Sergey Shnurov and Grigory Leps “I think only about yourself.”

“They don’t think about the thousands of musicians, actors and artists of today who really are in distress. I am ashamed for them,” — said Prigogine.

the Producer claims that the most popular artists to support their teams, as they have the highest ratings, but he added that talking about distress it is not meant for the stars.

“the state is not only the stars! What are all stupid! What’s all the brain. God, what kind of stupid -so? This is what narrow-mindedness is this?” — outraged Prigogine.

Prigogine said that such Shnurova and Leps “so in his star disease are that she forgot about other people.” The producer recalled that many viewers still did not return money for tickets for the cancelled concerts.

In the days of Joseph Prigozhin has declared, that even the most popular stars now, almost a disaster, as it lost the opportunity to earn during the pandemic coronavirus. His words ridiculed Sergey Shnurov. The producer tried to justify your statements, but again ran into criticism from the musician. Prigozhin said wryly responded as Grigory Leps.