the Bill on administrative punishment for harassment can make to the state Duma this fall. Experts believe that in the ensuing public discussion around allegations of harassment will contribute to the successful adoption of the law. Almost every day brings reports of new accusations against famous people. No sooner the scandal with the party “What? Where? When?” Michael Skripkin and his former student who reported sexual harassment, as I arrived the next news: fan caught the actor Gosha Kutsenko in an attempt to lure her out to the hotel. “MK” has collected the opinions of supporters and opponents of the document from among the famous people. For example, producer Joseph Prigogine believes that the attempt to bring the facts of his personal life in public is a fashion trend.

Representative of the working group on the drafting of the law on punishment for sexual harassment, the lawyer Yulia Andreeva told “MK” that the authors are ready to submit the draft to the state Duma in mid-autumn. According to the project, under the definition of harassment will get not only harassment in the workplace, but also offensive remarks with sexual overtones.

— Before you introduce a rule in the law, it is necessary that it was formed in society. What we see in the last days, suggests that this social norm is formed, allegations of harassment cause acute reaction. A year ago, asking people about their attitudes to the harassment, you could hear a few answers, and today, one in three will be able to Express their vision of normal. Therefore, the recent events will make the discussion of the law in the Duma, more successful, — said Yulia Andreeva.

One of the authors of another bill on harassment, state Duma Deputy Oksana Pushkina, believes that an administrative penalty may provide for the first time — for a repeated violation the perpetrators could face criminal prosecution. While the project Oksana Pushkina provides fines from 40 to 50 thousand rubles, and up to 80 thousand roubles, for repeated infringement.

— In a situation of “who is right and who is wrong” deal is pointless, yet this concept is not enshrined in law. None of the Russian laws do not provide for methods and mechanisms of protection from sexual violence in the exercise of professional duties. The practice of applications and numerous appeals of citizens entering my address, talking about the need to Supplement existing standards Coapa and the criminal code of the Russian Federation, — told the “MK” Oksana Pushkina. – I am infinitely grateful to the girls who were called names and told their stories. Information on violence is impossible to keep, but you need to be very very brave and strong to survive the wave.

Honored lawyer of Russia Mikhail BA��shevski, in contrast, believes that the ensuing campaign on the Internet is more like a hunt for the “hype” when unknown people want to get mention of their name near the famous.

— what is happening now, like the desire to hypenate or misunderstanding. It is necessary to separate the terms rape, harassment and grooming. Rape is one, it is a criminal offense, attempts to make sex using official position is that in the West is called harassment, for this we also have article. The state should intervene only when the two subjects are in unequal position. Harassment not only women but also men, but less talk about it.

Producer Joseph Prigogine also sees no reason for a public debate on what happened in the relationship between people many years ago.

— Indeed, there is a problem with harassment. But try to make it a fashion trend, to focus on that, to make the facts of private life to the public. It’s a disaster. The world is built on human desires, sex and nutrition necessary for the body, many people agree to it voluntarily, and then say that the violence occurred. Necessary or just to talk about it and “take a beating”, or not to talk about what it was 10-15 years ago.