Producer Joseph Prigogine explained the words of his wife, singer Valeria (Alla Perfilova) on the “debility” of the audience. He told about it in the comments of the Fifth channel.

He denied that the singer put it this way about the subscribers.

“She didn’t say anything, so to not comment on anything he wants. She said she can’t afford at a certain time all these retarded things that make adults, it looks ridiculous. That’s all,” said the producer.

Prigogine called on to imagine how it would look if “you will be there, along with young children clowning around”. According to him, such actions will look funny.

“that’s what she said”, — said the husband of Valeria.

Valeria told about the “debility” of the audience during a telephone conversation with a colleague, Anita Tsoi, who became a member of the YouTube show the Comment Out. Choi fell the task to call the Russian singer and offer to hold a live social network, preparing various challenges. Valeria refused and called one of the proposed challenges “some trash”.

“I understand that, I guess, maybe, to do that the audience was moronic. (…) These challenges, I think it’s a bit shallow, somehow, like something silly,” said the artist.

Later, the user asked Valerie why she insulted her fans. The singer replied that it was not about her audience, and that, “which swallows the stupid content”.